Guilty Gear Strive’s next DLC fighter brings Jealous Rage, new content after 12-year absence

Arc System Works is gearing up for the best Guilty Gear Strive players to clash on the game’s biggest stage with a DLC reveal, dangling new keys in front of fans as A.B.A. returns after over a decade on the sidelines.

As the third DLC fighter for GGST Season Three, the community’s beloved A.B.A. joins the roster on March 26. This will be the first time she has been featured as a playable character since 2012’s Guilty Gear XX Accent Core R, bringing a new look and power-up called “Jealous Rage” that can only be accessed after certain conditions are met in the heat of battle. 

ABA in Guilty Gear Strive.
This is the ultimate return for many fans. Image via Arc System Works

Noted as a “shy and emotionally immature” person with a jealousy streak, A.B.A. is one of the oddest Guilty Gear characters—and that is saying something. She essentially forcibly married a magical battle axe she named Paracelsus, which was originally a bloodthirsty beast of an artifact named Flament Nagel, whom she is trying to find a human body for. And don’t worry about why the axe looks more like a key than before; arcade mode will apparently explain more about what A.B.A. and Paracelsus have been up to.

Confusing backstory aside, A.B.A.’s new Jealous Rage harnesses her emotions into a state that allows her to add different properties to most of her moveset—such as normal, special, and Overdrive moves. This will snowball throughout a match, with her starting slower and building up to an aggressive battle maniac. “Banger theme, banger stage, banger design, and banger character,” Reddit user slenderkitty77 said.

Along with A.B.A.’s release on March 26, a new update for GGST will go live featuring a new, ocean-themed stage called Fallen Prayer, Engulfed Lives, a new Special Move called Artemis for Millia Rage, and balance adjustments. That part of the update will be free, while A.B.A. will be $6.99 as a standalone fighter or bundled into the existing $24.99 Season Pass Three.

More details, including gameplay of A.B.A., will be shared over the coming days as the Arc World Tour festivities run through to Sunday, March 24. We still have one more fighter on the GGST DLC roadmap for later this year too.

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