Helldivers 2 devs plan hotfixes for mass crashing issues after recent update

Arrowhead Games have heard Helldivers 2 complaints about major game crashing issues that many have encountered after a recent update, but devs have warned there won’t be any more fixes for “a few days” for any other tech problems players have been running into.

Patch 01.000.201, which landed on April 3, addressed numerous Helldivers 2 crashes that spawned after the previous patch that introduced balance changes, the level cap increase, and adjustments to weapons. In that patch, the devs noted crashes had popped up and were known but a fix hadn’t been discovered just yet.

A Helldiver squad battles opposition on a snow-covered planet in Helldivers 2.
The crashing issues are becoming too much for some players. Image via Arrowhead Game Stuidos

Since then, players have experienced more crashes, and while the original problem appears to have been fixed, it seems more have spawned (much like the Automatons we’ve been trying to deal with this week). Arrowhead community manager Twinbeard stated on the Helldivers 2 Discord server that a hotfix for the crashing issue was on the way, but would not be available this weekend.

“I feel you and glad you hear you love the game, but it will be here waiting even if you let democracy lie for a few days,” Twinbeard said. Specifically, Twinbeard revealed the crashes related to mission ends and extraction were of particular focus, likely because players were missing out on rewards as a result.

Helldivers encountering these crashes have been frustrated beyond belief that, after completing a difficult mission over 30 or more minutes, they would crash right at extraction and lose out on all their rewards. “I am yet to finish more than a single mission in one game launch,” one player said in a post on the Helldivers 2 subreddit yesterday. “If that happens, I stop playing Helldivers 2 for that day—way too frustrating,” another said.

Many are seeing the lighter side after hearing news that Arrowhead has a fix in store. Without a united effort as players suffer through tech issues with the game, Automatons seem all but assured of claiming victory during the current Major Order. “‘Let the game rest for a while’: Nice try Automatons, nice try!” players exclaimed, taking aim at GM Joel in jest. Others want to see the Major Order adjusted or extended but no word on the topic has been shared just yet.

After the game’s initial rocky period at launch, I hadn’t experienced a crash until late yesterday after wrapping up my first Helldive-difficulty mission. With any luck, devs will roll the hotfix out in the next few days so we can get back to dishing out democracy once more ahead of next week’s new Warbond.

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