Helldivers 2 issues a cape in remembrance of those who fell at Malevelon Creek

As the gunfire quiets down on the front lines of Malevelon Creek, Helldivers 2 players get a memento to commemorate their fellow Helldivers who fell while spreading managed Democracy.

On April 3, Super Earth released a Presidential Decree on X (previously Twitter) stating today is now officially recognized as the Malevelon Creek Memorial Day. In the wake of that, this week, every player will receive a Fallen’s Hero Vengeance cape as a way for us to remember those who died on Malevelon Creek.

Fallen Hero's Vengeance cape in Helldivers 2
Malevelon Creek strikes again. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The latest Major Order in Helldivers 2 has players controlling three planets, including Ubanea, Darupnir, and Malevelon Creek. The mention of Malevelon Creek might give some players flashbacks from the first time they had to fight on it. Despite that, Malevelon Creek was successfully liberated, and players are now awarded this cape.

If you log in to Helldivers 2 today, you’ll also see a message regarding this decree in your Dispatches menu. It states that every year on this day, “Super Earth citizens will unite for a full three minutes of their lunch break in solemn remembrance.” You should also be able to find the cape in your inventory regardless of whether or not you fought on Malevelon Creek or played the game at all in the past few days.

Melevelon Creek is by far the most popular location in Helldivers 2. It was a battlefield multiple times and was dubbed “Space Vietnam” by the players because of how challenging it was. Needless to say, it’s an iconic planet, and we thank Super Earth for giving us an official day to remember all Helldivers who fought alongside us there.

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