Helldivers 2 players are getting an explosive premium Warbond next week

Arrowhead Games announced the next Warbond combing to Helldivers 2, featuring four new weapons, a grenade, and three different set of armor.

With their backs against the wall, Helldivers 2 players are on the brink of an all-out war against Automatons and need help. After successfully completing phase three of Operation Swift Disassembly, Super Earth tasked players with making one last all-out push to annihilate the Automatons once and for all. To help aid in that mission, a new Warbond offers new weapons and armor.

Everything included in the Democratic Detonation Premium Warbond

Helldivers 2
Help is on the way. Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

The Democratic Detonation Premium Warbond goes live on April 4. Based on previous Warbonds, we expect the latest Premium Warbond to cost 1,000 Super Credits. To get 1,000 Super Credits, you can either buy them for $10 in the Super Credits tab of the Acquisition Center or search points of interest (POIs) for them during missions. The Democratic Detonation Premium Warbond rewards include:


  • BR-14 Adjudicator Rifle: An AR designed to take on armored enemies in small groups
  • R-36 Eruptor Rifle: A bolt-action rifle that fires jet-assisted shells. The devs explained that the rifles fires in every direction, meaning it could also inflict self-damage.
  • CB-9 Exploding Crossbow: As the name suggests, this weapon fires exploding bolts. Players will have to take gravity into account while firing.
  • GP-31 Grenade Pistol: This pistol also doesn’t need much of an explanation. It’s a sidearm that fires grenades. Who doesn’t like grenades?


  • CE-27 Ground Breaker: Medium armor, but we don’t know much else.
  • CE-07 Demolition Specialist: Light armor that withstands pressure changes, heat, and personal velocity.
  • FS-55 Devastator: Heavy armor that doesn’t have much of a description.

“Automaton gunships have been sighted on the frontlines,” the Helldivers 2 devs reported on April 4. “Experts question if they are colluding with flying Terminids.” If it’s come to the point where Terminds and Automatons are working together, it’s clear Divers need as much help as possible in their struggle against both enemy groups.

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