Helldivers 2 players have totally abandoned battling the Automatons—and for good reasons

A segment of the Helldivers 2 community prefers fighting Terminids instead of being bombarded by Automaton rockets and lasers, and it’s hard to argue against that logic.

It’s easy to die in Helldivers 2, and that’s why every team gets 20 free respawns for every mission. In saying that, some community members have become fed up with fighting against Automatons, as the robots are easily able to one-shot kill players thanks to a devastating combination of rocket devastators, cannon turrets, tanks, hulks, and more.

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Helldivers 2 players are tired of getting blown to pieces. Image via Arrowhead

A frustrated Helldivers 2 players took their frustrations to Reddit and argued it’s not enjoyable when you get “stuck in a death spiral,” constantly spawning and dying in Automaton missions. Looking back at the defense of Draupnir and Mantes Major Order, players struggled to hold back the Automatons, which may have contributed to a growing dissatisfaction of fighting against the enemy type.

“I think that making those missions almost impossible for the majority of players really damaged everyone’s motivation to go to bot planets,” the OP claimed. Some community members argued Automatons should be reworked before the devs decide to release another major order on any bot planets.

“The only thing I know for sure is that being randomly headshot for your entire health bar by a rocket devastator or a scout walker is unfun,” another user said. “Hopefully, the devs work it out somehow.” . It’s much different going against Terminds because you at least have time to react and fight back, as most bug variations must be close to deal damage.

“The number of frustrating one-shots skyrocketed despite having working armor,” Another commenter claimed, pointing towards the most recent March 6 update as a turning point. “Everything felt more deadly, and the bots started throwing up flares from across the map for some reason from distances they should not be engaging from and outside their line of sight.”

Players might not have a choice soon about what enemy they fight against, as the devs released a news report on March 13 that there is a chance the Terminds will get eradicated completely thanks to the use of Termicide dispensation towers that are slowly being deployed across planets. However, a player did some detective work on Reddit and discovered that Termicide is allegedly harmful against humans, so it remains to be seen what’s in store for future Major Orders. But it’s clear that community members have their fair share of issues with Automatons.

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