Helldivers 2 story mode hopes crushed, but Arrowhead leaves door open for guilds, photo mode

Arrowhead chief executive Shams Jorjani has quashed any dreams of a linear story mode for Helldivers 2, but further discussions revealed features like forming guilds or a photo mode aren’t yet out of the question as the team preps for a summer break.

Discussion about new additions to Helldivers 2 was sparked this week in the comments of a May 31 post on X (formerly Twitter). While sharing Arrowhead’s job posting for a new outsourcing producer, Jorjani took the time to answer several questions from interested fans—one of whom shared grievances with how the game was being run. After Jorjani responded, another Helldivers player mentioned they’d love a story mode with “epic moments and tragic scenes.” Jorjani swiftly shut the door on such an addition.

A Helldivers 2 player looking at Automaton factories in the distance on Malevelon Creek.
There are plenty of other linear single player titles out there to play; Helldivers 2 doesn’t need a story mode. Screenshot by Dot Esports

“Not happening. Sorry bro,” Jorjani said, explaining that putting together a new linear story mode for the title would be like “building an entirely new game.” It’s also relatively difficult to see why such a mode would be necessary after all the investment Arrowhead has made into its GM and lore team, who have created something pretty unique already in an ever-developing, story-driven multiplayer campaign.

The interested Helldivers fan later clarified that they had meant specific features that may elevate the existing experience, such as a guild system where players can group up in larger numbers and fight the bots and bugs together. Guild leaderboards and even events where groups can compete to earn bonus rewards would definitely add something for the more competitive Helldivers out there, all while furthering the war efforts.

A photo mode was also suggested. Surprisingly, we haven’t seen a photo mode in Helldivers 2 yet given it’s become a core staple across genres, although it’ll rarely be quiet enough for a photo opportunity amid an active warzone against armed alien forces.

Jorjani didn’t rule out the addition of such features down the track, stating these sounded “more doable.” It’s far from a confirmation, but given more features are being implemented by the week, and that the Helldivers 2 team is set to begin a summer break shortly, perhaps the devs will find time to work such additions in eventually.

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