Helltide drops accidentally give unplanned peek at future Diablo 4 item plans

Amid Diablo 4‘s successful new season, Loot Reborn, yet another sign for hope has emerged, though this one was quite by accident: A work-in-progress amulet that’s popping up in inventories after Helltide events has players hype.

Multiple players found this mysterious leaked ancestral amulet, Eye of the Depths, in season four’s Helltide events today. One player even shared a screenshot of this amulet on the Diablo 4 subreddit. Many players joked that the TBD aspect is determined by players and not the dev team or that it stood for “The Bovine Domain”—a secret area not yet available in Diablo 4—but the truth is less whimsical; it’s a mistake.

the WIP eye of the depths item in diablo 4
I’m sorry, but I’m not throwing it into the water or the sea. Image via Rikukun (Reddit). Remixed by Dot Esports.

As first reported by Dexerto today, the Diablo 4 PC bug has already been flagged on the official Blizzard forums, meaning Eye of the Depths will be removed from the live servers soon as the devs look to patch up their mistake.

Though we don’t know the Eye of the Depth’s purpose or lore, that hasn’t stopped players from believing it’s to signify that “Tuesdays be Damage” or that it may be used to “catch a sea hag waifu,” one thing is clear—the devs are working on some pretty epic items for future updates, and this might just be the beginning of the fantastic items we’ll soon get in Diablo 4.

From the screenshot of the WIP item, we can see it has a Greater Affix, which means this is a more powerful version of its regular affix and is a feature added in the Loot Reborn update, and the percentage ranges for the other affixes are pretty high, which makes this amulet particularly strong. Now, as it’s a work in progress, these ranges might not hold true when the item intentionally goes live. But it gives us a good look at what we can expect from upcoming items as we near level 100 and work through endgame content.

Although we’re praising the devs for how good season four has been, this mistake indicates an even more exciting future for Diablo 4. Sadly, Eye of the Depths may not quite live up to your dreams of summoning a sea hag waifu (yeah, some wanted that), but it will make you a damage-dealing boss, which is nearly as good. Nearly.

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