High-ranked LoL mid laners are dominating with one unconventional champ in Patch 14.10

From time to time, a few League of Legends champions reign supreme in unconventional positions, mostly after some minor changes to them or their core items. Recently, one such champ has returned to the mid lane among high-ranked players.

That champion is none other than Tryndamere, who isn’t exactly a newcomer to the mid lane since he’s been occasionally picked there in the past. Nevertheless, in the past few months, he hasn’t been seen as much in either the mid or top lane since he wasn’t strong enough. In Patch 14.10, though, he’s truly been dominating at the higher ranks. At time of writing, Tryndamere boasts a 56.09 percent win rate in Diamond+ ranks, according to League stats site U.GG.

Tryndamere swings his weapon in the cold lands in LoL.
Tryndamere mid seems back on the menu. Image via Riot Games

Such a massive win rate gives Tryndamere a significant edge over Rumble, Akshan, or Cassiopeia, who have crossed the 53 percent threshold. But with a win rate over 56 percent, Tryndamere seems to be in a league of his own, at least for now. His stellar results also aren’t random since Diamond+ players have picked him in 2,446 games on Patch 14.10 at time of writing.

Fortunately for them, mid laners should know a thing or two about laning against Tryndamere. This isn’t the first time the Barbarian has appeared in the position, having been a flex pick there for years now. Even pro players like Faker picked Tryndamere mid in the past to abuse their enemies early on.

Tryndamere’s reign in the high rankings could end soon, however, since one of his core items, Infinity Edge, is expected to get slammed by the nerf hammer in Patch 14.11—though the details of the upcoming tweaks remain unknown as of now. We’ll know more next week when the update drops on May 30.

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