How to complete Accept Invitation event in Once Human

If you’re looking to level up quickly in Once Human, completing the Accept Invitation event in the game should be a great way of gaining experience points and loot items.

The Accept Invitation event in Once Human is only for players who are currently below level 10, and they can take and redeem codes from the players who have crossed level 10 in your server. You can meet these players on the game’s official Discord server or Reddit.

Here is everything you need to know about the Accept Invitation event in Once Human.

Once Human Accept Invitation event guide

Picture of the Accept Invitation event in Once Human.
Get the boost to survive the harsh deviants. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To complete the Accept Invitation event in Once Human, you need to head over to the Events Tab by pressing F3. After that, select the Accept Invitation event and press X to enter the code that you have secured from a player level 10 or above.

Once you redeem the code, you can immediately unlock the Binding gift called the Bonds of Friendship Gift pack, which should give you two Large Jerky, two Blueberry Sodas, three Activators, and five Portable Mixed Fuel. In addition to that, you should also receive a 10 percent XP boost to speed up your leveling process till level 30, along with an XP boost to level up your battle pass.

However, remember to redeem codes only from the people who can visit you on the server. Doing so will give you the Meeting Gift Pack, which contains one Canned Lunch, one Blue Cheese, and three Activators.

After that, you can also get a free weapon from the invited player to catapult your progress in the game and redeem it from the same event page.

However, if you’ve not touched grass in a while and have already crossed level 10, you can go to the same place and find the Gather Friends Event. You can now share codes with other low-level players and earn Friendship points to unlock new rewards like weapon skins and more.

The event lasts until July 31, 2024, so make sure to complete it and get the goodies to your base.

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