How to complete the Love is Love challenge in BitLife

The Love is Love challenge in Bitlife is about “accepting and demonstrating love in all its many forms,” and if you want to know how to do exactly that, we’re here to help.

Challenges in Bitlife are usually under the paywall, but there are weekly quests like the Love is Love challenge, which can completed by anybody, and they can earn free rewards in the game. Here is everything you need to know about completing the Love is Love challenge in Bitlife.

BitLife Love is Love challenge guide

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Here are the requirements you need to complete in BitLife’s Love is Love challenge:

  • Be born in Arizona
  • Marry a man
  • Marry a woman
  • Have 3+ children with each spouse
  • Unconditionally accept a child who comes out to you

Be born in Arizona

This is the easiest part of the quest, but it can catch you by surprise, too. After creating a custom life, you need to choose the United States of America as your country and choose a place. You won’t get Arizona as a place in the list of areas, so you need to choose Phoenix, which is the capital city of Arizona, to get the challenge rolling.

Marry a man

If you choose to be a female, then age up to 18 years and start dating a man by giving them compliments and gifts to sustain your relationship. After that, propose to them by choosing a good ring and location to become their fiancée. After that, plan a wedding and don’t sign the prenuptial agreement, as your wealth is divided between the two partners, which leaves you financially weak to sustain your future family. Do keep in mind that you cannot leave a relationship without getting a divorce, so if you do end up dating someone while in a relationship, they’ll send you legal notice.

You can later identify as bisexual by changing the setting in your activities tab. Get on a gay dating application to find female companionship and then follow the same method to marry a woman.

Marry a woman

If you choose a male character, repeat the same steps as stated earlier by aging to 18 years, marrying a woman by dating her, and extending a proposal with a ring at a good location. After that, you can plan your marriage and get married to her.

Later, you can identify as bisexual and have a divorce to date a girl through the activities tab. Get on the gay dating app to secure yourself another spouse from the same gender and continue on your journey.

Have 3+ children with each spouse

After you’re married, keep your spouse’s relationship happiness high by complimenting them, buying expensive and useful gifts, and making love frequently.

If you’re married to someone of the opposite gender, remove your/their birth control, and regularly make love to try and get pregnant. Repeat this process until you have three or more kids. Once you have children, make sure to buy a big enough property to house your family, or else things will go downhill.

For those marrying a person of the same gender, if you’re a female, you can use artificial insemination by going to the fertility tab and choosing the sperm donor option to get pregnant and get three kids. If you’re a male, you need to adopt a baby with your partner. Be mindful of your age, and remember that getting too old is going to drastically affect your chances of having children.

After you’ve three or more kids with your opposite-gender partner:

  • Divorce them.
  • Look for partners on the gay dating app.
  • Repeat the process until you have three more kids with your same-gender partner as well.

Unconditionally accept a child who comes out to you

Being a proud family with a legacy of acceptance, one of your children may come out to you. Unconditionally support them in their decision to complete this challenge.

Make sure to complete the challenge by June 26, 2024. Next up, you read our answers to all the Astronaut Technical Training answers in BitLife to take a tour of the stars.

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