How to duel in Tarisland

Dueling is one of the primary combat types in Tarisland. It allows two players to engage in one-on-one battles. Unlike other PvP modes, duels offer an instantaneous way to test your skills against fellow adventurers.

In most populated areas of Tarisland, you’re likely to encounter players eagerly sending out duel invitations. Whenever I decline one, another duel invite usually follows. Though I constantly denied invitations during my early hours, I now accept some of them, thinking, “Who dares to challenge me!”

How do you send duel invitations in Tarisland?

Duel interface in Tarisland.
If dueling doesn’t work, you can always invite them to a team or guild. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To send a duel invitation to another player in Tarisland, you must select them by clicking or tapping on their character, then selecting the Player icon to open a menu of options, from which you can pick “Request to Duel.”

After sending your request, you must wait for your chosen opponent to accept the challenge. Once they do, prepare yourself for an intense battle, especially if you send an invitation to a player with powerful gear.

The capital city of Lunargent serves as a primary hub for dueling activities, featuring clearly marked zones where players can engage in combat. You can also find players eager to duel others near Lunargent since this NPC allows players to duel each other in different settings and zones.

What are the advantages of dueling in Tarisland?

Two characters standing together in Tarisland.
Battle together and learn together, but you may need to talk about bragging rights later on. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Dueling in Tarisland offers several benefits, allowing you to get better at the game’s combat mechanics. Duels are excellent opportunities to practice complex combos and master new abilities without the pressure of more competitive PvP modes.

Each duel offers a chance to earn valuable rewards. Winning a duel can net you between 50 to 150 Silver Coins and 100 to 250 Glory Points.

Unlike Battlegrounds or Arenas, duels offer a friendly, low-pressure environment, so you won’t be under pressure while testing new strategies and playstyles. Also, if you’re dueling with a friend, you can receive immediate feedback on your performance, which will help you identify areas for improvement and pinpoint the weak spots in your build.

If you’ve never played in Battlegrounds or Arenas, I’d recommend testing out Tarisland’s PvP mechanics in a few duels to gain a deeper understanding of your character’s strengths and weaknesses.

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