How to fix ‘structure cannot be built near a stronghold’ error in Once Human

Once Human has a host of errors that don’t explain much, with the “this structure cannot be built near a Stronghold” error being one of the more cryptic ones.

It appears when building structures in your territory and won’t appear for everyone. It only shows up if you build your base around specific structures or parts of the world, but if you come across it, it can make a dent in your plans to create a sprawling base of operations. So, how do you overcome it?

‘This structure cannot be built near a Stronghold’ error explained in Once Human

This structure cannot be built near a Stronghold error message in Once Human
My plans are ruined! Screenshot by Dot Esports

The “this structure cannot be built near a Stronghold” error appears when you build your Territory on or next to a road in Once Human.

If you try to build anything on a road, no matter what structure, you won’t be able to place it. The error appears to show up only when trying to place a wall, roof, or other overlapping structures, whereas if you place a floor, the game tells you you can’t build it no matter what.

There is no way to fix this error as you can’t build over a road, so the only way to make the most of your Territory boundary is to move your Territory to somewhere else far away from a road. Doing so moves everything you have worked on, but at a cost, so be careful when deciding.

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