How to get and use an Apiary in Manor Lords

Having enough food stock is essential in Manor Lords if you want to keep your residents happy. Honey is one of the few food items that workers can produce in your settlement, giving you a constant supply—but you need to establish an Apiary for it first.

If you’re wondering how to get and use an Apiary in Manor Lords, this guide explains everything you need to know about starting a bee farm. 

How to get an Apiary in Manor Lords

The Apiary building in Manor Lords is locked under a Development branch called Beekeeping. To unlock it, select the name of the region displayed on the top of the screen and then look for the Beekeeping branch under the Development tab

Development Branches in Manor Lords
Unlock the branch. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Unlock Beekeeping using one Development Point. If you have used up your Development Points, focus on upgrading your settlement to gain more before you can unlock Beekeeping and the Apiary. 

Once you unlock Beekeeping, open the Construction menu and look for the Apiary building. You can construct it using two Planks. 

How to use an Apiary in Manor Lords

An Apiary in Manor Lords
Here’s how to use it. Screenshot by Dot Esports

All you need to do is assign at least one family to work at it to use an Apiary in Manor Lords. Members of the assigned family automatically tend to the bees and collect Honey, which is sold as food. 

Having access to food sources like Honey that don’t deplete is essential to building a thriving region. Food sources like Berries and Wild Animals are easy to exhaust.

You can construct up to two Apiaries in your region to increase Honey yield. Constructing more than two Apiaries is possible, but it won’t increase the yield. You can also unlock the Advanced Beekeeping branch if you have more Development Points to spare.

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