How to get Copper in Pax Dei

The crafting mechanics in Pax Dei may catch even the most seasoned MMO veterans off guard. Through your playthrough, you’ll need to gather various resources, including Copper, to continue building.

Copper is a commonly required material for crafting and building. If you haven’t dug into the mining mechanics in the game yet, finding your first one could be difficult, but once you get used to the process, you’ll mine more materials that you can carry in your inventory.

Where to get Copper in Pax Dei

Copper in Pax Dei.
Copper Ore is the key to accessing everything Copper-related. Image via Mainframe Industries

Copper in Pax Dei is primarily found in rocky, mountainous areas of the game world. If you’re looking to exclusively farm Copper Ore, you’ll need to distinguish Copper rocks.

Rocks containing Copper Ore have distinctive brownish spots on their surface. These can also be clustered in groups, meaning if you find one, you may be able to get a few more Copper Ore in walking distance.

How do you get Copper in Pax Dei

To obtain Copper in Pax Dei, you need to mine rocks containing it. For this process, you’ll need an Iron Pickaxe, at minimum. As you land the final hits on a Copper rock, Copper Ore will automatically appear in your inventory.

How to farm Copper fast in Pax Dei

To increase your Copper farming speed in Pax Dei, you can frequently visit mountainous and rocky areas with Tier Two and above Pickaxes.

As you venture out in the world to farm Copper, you should also equip yourself with your best gear. While mining, you’ll frequently encounter threats like hostile mobs, who will burn through your consumables, so you’ll need plenty of sources during long farming sessions.

Where do you use Copper in Pax Dei?

Copper Ingot in Pax Dei.
Once you stack Copper Ingots, that’s when real crafting begins. Image via Mainframe Studios

Copper is commonly used for crafting Tools, Basic Apothecary Instruments, and Jewelcrafting Tools. However, you’ll first need to turn your Copper Ores into Copper Ingots in the Furnace.

To get 10 Copper Ingots, you need to deposit 20 Copper Ores and 30 Charcoal. After activating the Furnace, you can check back in 45 minutes to collect your Copper Ingots.

While looking for Copper, you can also get Flint and gather Iron to unlock Iron Spike in Pax Dei. These materials will also play essential roles while crafting and building in the game.

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