How to get Gold Ingot in Dark and Darker

Gold is one of the rarer materials in Dark and Darker. Like in the real world, it shapes the economy, so getting Gold Ingot can benefit you in more ways than just crafting.

Naturally, most Dark and Darker players looking for gold will go out into the world and try finding notes to extract it. Well, the reality is that Gold Ore nodes are pretty difficult to find. In fact, most players are taking advantage of specific encounters where there are guaranteed Gold node spawns to farm this material.

Where to find Gold Ingot in Dark and Darker

Gold Ingot in Dark and Darker.
With enough Gold Ingots in your inventory, you’ll become one of the wealthiest Dark and Darker players. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To get Gold Ingot in Dark and Darker, you need three Gold Ore. You can interact with the Armourer and Weaponsmith merchants to exchange your three Gold Ores for one Gold Ingot.

Gold Ingot is a requirement in many high-tier crafting recipes, especially all the armor and jewelry you’re going to want. You can also create powerful gear with a touch of gold, taking your Dark and Darker character to the next level. Considering its heavy use in the crafting scene, Gold Ingot also acts as money for players. Even if you don’t have a use for it when it comes to crafting, you can still get Gold Ingot as a store of value.

Where to get Gold Ore in Dark and Darker

Gold Ore in Dark and Darker.
Gold Ingots don’t fall from the sky, you’ll need plenty of Gold Ore to craft them. Image via Dot Esports

You can find two nodes of Gold Ore in Inferno on Dark and Darker. All versions of Inferno spawn two Rubysilver and Gold Ore nodes, making them the perfect place to accumulate these materials.

Once you’re in Inferno, check the Spider Room and Blood Platforms. After getting used to the threats on the map, you can frequently get in and out to farm nodes since it’s hard to beat the comfort of guaranteed spawns. Inferno is the Forgotten Castle’s third floor, and it’s known as one of the most difficult dungeons. Even if you’re just going there for the nodes, you should still be geared enough to withstand the heat.

If you do your farming rounds with your squad, it should also come in handy to learn how to revive friends in Dark and Darker. When one of your friends gets baited by a trap or fails to fight back, you can quickly get them up.

After completing the mission, it could be time for a campfire in Dark and Darker, where your character gets to recharge as you plan your next move.

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