How to get MTG Cowboy Bebop cards

The Standard format will heat up in August through rotation, the release of Bloomburrow, and Magic: The Gathering Cowboy Bebop promo cards from local game stores. Here’s how you can collect the whole set.

What are the MTG Cowboy Bebop cards?

Five MTG Cowboy Bebop promo cards were designed by the Outlaws of Thunder Junction team and the animation team from the hit anime. All cards are reprints from Magic’s history. Each card features OTJ “crew” characters within the world of Cowboy Bebop, in each of the five MTG colors.

Where to collect MTG Cowboy Bebop cards?

The Cowboy Bebop MTG cards are exclusive promos awarded to players who compete in Standard Showdown events through Wizards Play Network (WPN) local game stores. Events start on Aug. 2, which is the same date as the Bloomburrow global launch.

Each of the cards has a specific availability drop date. To earn a Cowboy Bebop promo card, you need to play in a Standard Showdown event during the times in which cards are available.

Purchasing the set of MTG Cowboy Bebop cards on the secondary market will most likely become an option as each card drops. Prices at time of writing are unknown but will be updated when that information becomes available.

Will WotC partner with Cowboy Bebop for more MTG cards?

No IP crossover projects are in the works that we know about at time of writing. A TCG version of the Cowboy Bebop already exists but it’s possible a crossover could take place through Universes Beyond or Secret Lair drops. Much like the Princess Bride drop, I would auto-purchase a Cowboy Bebop Secret Lair drop.

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