How to get the Emerald of Genesis in Wuthering Waves

If you want to build your characters as effectively as possible in Wuthering Waves, you need strong weapons for them. Emerald of Genesis is a potent and powerful tool but can be tricky to unlock.

The best weapons you can get are always pretty tough to obtain, and Emerald of Genesis is one of them. The immense damage output and special buffs this Sword provides make it worth the effort though, so here’s how to get the Emerald of Genesis in Wuthering Waves.

How to get Emerald of Genesis in Wuthering Waves

The Targeted Convene system in Wuthering Waves.
You can guarantee you get it if you use Targeted Convene correctly. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Emerald of Genesis can only be obtained from the Standard Weapon Convene in Wuthering Waves. It’s a featured five-star Sword on this banner which means it can take up to 80 Convenes to actually unlock this weapon.

The regular Pity and Soft Pity systems mean it can take a lot more than 80 Convenes to get this weapon if you’re unlucky, but the Standard Weapon Convene has a Targeted Convene system you can use to guarantee you get Emerald of Genesis. All you have to do is select Emerald of Genesis as your Target Weapon and keep spending Convenes until you get it. With this system, you’re guaranteed to pull this weapon as your next five-star—you will get it within 80 pulls or less.

To make sure you get Emerald of Genesis, you need to:

  • Open the Convene page in Wuthering Waves.
  • Navigate to the Standard Weapon Convene which is the one at the very bottom.
  • Select Emerald of Genesis from the Target Convene pop-up. If you don’t see this pop-up upon selecting the Standard Weapon Convene page, navigate to another Convene and select it again to make it appear.
  • Keep spending Convenes until you get a five-star which is then guaranteed to be Emerald of Genesis.
The abilities and stats of Emerald of Genesis in Wuthering Waves.
This sword has some pretty impressive statistics. Screenshot by Dot Esports

If you’re working on building any Sword characters in Wuthering Waves, you want to have this weapon in your arsenal. Characters like the Rover, Danjin, Sanhua, and Yangyang work quite well with this tool.

Emerald of Genesis is a great, versatile weapon that works well in many of the best builds you can make. It’s also a lot easier to get than some other featured weapons like Stringmaster since you can guarantee to get it within 80 pulls thanks to the Targeted Convene system.

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