How to get the Two-Headed Turtle Talisman in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree adds dozens of powerful Talismans, and the Two-Headed Turtle Talisman is among the best. It’s a straight-up improvement over the Green Turtle Talisman from the base game and vastly raises your Stamina recovery speed. Here’s where to find it.

Two-Headed Turtle Talisman location in the Elden Ring DLC

Two-Headed Turtle Talisman marked on Elden Ring DLC map
Two-Headed Turtle Talisman location on Elden Ring’s DLC map. Screenshot/Remix by Dot Esports

In Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, the Two-Headed Turtle Talisman is in a cave behind a waterfall just east of the Rivermouth Cave mini-dungeon. To get here, either drop down to the lowest level of Ellac River from Gravesite Plain and head north, or descend via the tombstones near Temple Town Ruins in Rauh Base.

Picking up the Two-Headed Turtle Talisman in Elden Ring DLC
Fittingly, it’s next to a turtle. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Once you get to Rivermouth Cave, look for a small waterfall with a cave entrance behind it. There are three glowing worm enemies in here but they’ll be no match for you. At the back of the cave, next to a turtle, you can pick up the Two-Headed Turtle Talisman.

Is the Two-Headed Turtle Talisman any good?

Two-Headed Turtle Talisman item description in Elden Ring DLC
It’s pretty good. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Two-Headed Turtle Talisman is very good, especially on low-Endurance characters. The extra Stamina regeneration gives you a lot of extra juice in combat; it means you have to spend less time waiting for your Stamina to recover between attacks, rolling, or sprinting.

There’s a big difference between the Two-Headed Turtle Talisman and the base game’s Green Turtle Talisman—so much that if you’re playing a melee-focused character who relies heavily on Stamina management, the Two-Headed Turtle Talisman should be one of the first DLC items you grab. We don’t have the exact numbers yet, but we’ll update this article as soon as we find out exactly how much better the Two-Headed Turtle Talisman is over its predecessor.

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