How to get to the Stone Coffin Fissure in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

Stone Coffin Fissure is a sight to behold but to behold it we need to find it. This guide has everything you need to know to locate it, how to open it, and what lies beneath.

Not to be confused with Shadow of the Erdtree‘s hidden stone coffin, we need to track down and find Stone Coffin Fissure in the Elden Ring DLC. It’s a location very much out of the way and is quite secretive.

However, it benefits you to go there as it contains a tough boss, as well as an NPC side quest.

Stone Coffin Fissure location in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

Cerulean Coast is the home of Stone Coffin Fissure, and a large hole in the ground leads to the sought-after hotspot.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as walking through the front door, so follow these complete instructions to find your way to Cerulean Coast and eventually Stone Coffin Fissure:

  1. Fast travel to the Castle Front Grace—outside of Castle Ensis (where Rellana, Twin Blade Knight is).
  2. Spawn, mount your steed, then turn 90 degrees right. Go straight past the black tents and keep going down the hill past several guards until you reach a battle between troll-like monsters.
  3. Turn left at them, and go down the big hill with a cavernous overhead.
  4. Reach a poisonous swamp at the end and turn left.
  5. Keep moving your way down and left, past another poisonous swamp, and you should come to another downhill area where assassin-like enemies pop out of the tall grass to try and kill you.
  6. Descend into the water below (where you can find a giant crab) and head into the cave on the left.
  7. Progress through the cave’s natural path and halfway through the cave is the Ellac River Cave Grace.
  8. Exit through the end of the cave, turn left, and begin a new descent down a waterfall—carefully jumping from rock to rock with Torrent.
  9. Keep going on, past the birds, further down, and you reach the Ellac River Downstream Grace.
  10. Carefully climb down the final set of rocks, carry on forward, and either go past or kill the Furnace Golem AKA Wicker Men enemy.
  11. At the waterfall at the end, turn right, go up the hill, and blue flowers greet you as you arrive at the Cerulean Coast Grace.
  12. From the Grace, bear straight heading toward the giant ship in the distance.
  13. Go past the map fragment stone, and if you check your map now, you should see a thin road directly in front of you leading south to an isolated section of Cerulean Coast.
  14. Follow this route up a big hill, and once you reach the end, it’s hard to miss the giant hole in the ground.
  15. Complete some precarious platforming to finally reach the bottom and activate the Stone Coffin Fissure Grace!

To give you a bit more help, here’s a short video guiding you from Cerulean Coast to Stone Coffin Fissure.

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