How to make bird in Little Alchemy 2?

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How to make bird in Little Alchemy 2?

What can you make with bird in Little Alchemy 2?

Combine with Create
alarm clock cuckoo
antarctica penguin
barn chicken
beach seagull
beaver platypus
bee hummingbird
big ostrich
bird egg
boat airplane
butterfly hummingbird
cage birdcage
car airplane
city pigeon
clock cuckoo
cold penguin
container birdcage
corpse vulture
Deity Garuda
Demon Tengu
desert vulture
dinosaur pterodactyl
domestication chicken
double rainbow! peacock + toucan
earth ostrich
farm chicken
farmer chicken
field crow
fire phoenix
fish flying fish
flower hummingbird
forest woodpecker
garden hummingbird
grass nest
hay nest
horse pegasus
house birdhouse + nest
human angel
ice penguin
lake duck
leaf peacock
letter pigeon
livestock chicken
machine airplane
metal airplane
Monster Tengu
moon owl
mountain range eagle
mountain eagle
mouse bat
night owl
ocean seagull
oxygen carbon dioxide
palm toucan
paper origami
pirate ship parrot
pirate parrot
pond duck
rainbow peacock + toucan
safe birdcage
sailboat airplane
sand ostrich
scarecrow crow
sea seagull
skyscraper pigeon
small hummingbird
snow penguin
squirrel flying squirrel
statue pigeon
steam engine airplane
steamboat airplane
steel airplane
train airplane
tree nest + woodpecker
twilight owl
unicorn pegasus
village pigeon
wall birdcage + birdhouse
water duck
wizard owl
wood woodpecker

Walkthrough for bird in Little Alchemy 2

  1. earth + earth = land
  2. fire + fire = energy
  3. water + water = puddle
  4. puddle + water = pond
  5. pond + water = lake
  6. lake + water = sea
  7. earth + sea = primordial soup
  8. energy + primordial soup = life
  9. land + life = animal
  10. air + animal = bird

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