How to make Bony Osso Buco in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Bony Osso Buco is a four-star entree in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s first expansion, A Rift in Time. This recipe requires ingredients from the Dreamlight Valley and Eternity Isle realms, making it a little more challenging to make.

How to make Bony Osso Buco in Dreamlight Valley

To make Bony Osso Buco in Dreamlight Valley, you need four ingredients: Skeleton Fish, Celery, Grapes, and one of Any Vegetable.  

Ingredient How to get
Skeleton Fish This is fished from the white or blue pools in the Glittering Dunes (Eternity Isle).
Celery You can purchase Celery or Celery Seeds from Goofy’s Stall in Ancient’s Landing (Eternity Isle).
Grapes Grapes can be harvested from the Grape Vines in the Docks, Overlook, Ruins, and Courtyard areas of Ancient’s Landing (Eternity Isle).
Any Vegetable You can use any vegetable from either realm in this recipe, such as mushrooms, asparagus, eggplant, or even yam.

Once you’ve caught, harvested, gathered, or bought your ingredients, add them to a cooking pot and start cooking. As soon as the meal’s complete, it’ll be added to your Eternity Isle meal collections and readily available in the entree section of your recipe list at a cooking station.

Bony Osso Buco Star Coin earnings and Energy regeneration stats

bony osso buco in journal dreamlight valley
It’s great for Energy regeneration. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Gameloft.

Bony Osso Buco is great make if you need Energy. If you sell it, you’ll only earn around 272 Star Coins, but if you eat it, you’ll regain around 1,192 Energy—is essentially half your Energy bar or a third of your Well Fed (yellow) bonus Energy bar.

So, if you’re planning on farming for gems, harvesting ingredients, or digging up a storm, Bony Osso Buco is an excellent meal to have in your inventory.

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