How to preload the Concord beta

The latest hero shooter is here for PlayStation 5 and PC. Concord will soon look to give a unique spin on the genre that has been loved by millions around the world.

Concord boasts 16 playable heroes with unique abilities in a hero shooter similar to games like Overwatch or Team Fortress, and it’s made by a studio featuring several ex-Bungie developers who worked on games like Destiny 2 and Halo, so there’s reason to be excited about it.

If you’re looking to try out Concord before buying it, there is an early access beta and open beta happening in July 2024. In the beta, you can try out the game and see if you’re interested in picking it up when it releases later this year.

Here’s everything to know about how to preload the Concord beta so you can play it as soon as the servers are live, whether you play on PS5 or Steam.

How to preload the Concord beta

Concord gameplay screenshot of freegunners fighting it out
Which Freegunner will you play? Image via PlayStation

To preload the Concord beta on PS5, open up the PlayStation Store and search “Concord” to find it. It will be available to pre-load starting on July 11 at 12pm CT, and the early access beta goes live the following day at the same time, July 12 at 12pm CT.

To preload the Concord beta on PC, you need to pre-order the game on Steam. The “Concord beta” game should appear in your Steam library and it will be available to download on July 12 at 12pm CT when the beta goes live, so there’s no preload period for the early access beta.

To get early access to the Concord beta on PS5, you either need to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription or pre-order the game. To get access on PC, the only way is to pre-order the game on Steam.

The open beta weekend for Concord begins on July 18 and will be available for all players on PS5 and PC.

What’s available in the Concord beta?

Concord beta infographic
A large offering of what the game entails. Image via PlayStation

Here’s everything you can play in the Concord early access beta and open beta:


  • Freewater
  • Star Chamber
  • Water Hazard
  • Shock Risk
  • Bone Mines (open beta weekend)


  • Cargo Run
  • Clash Point
  • Trophy Hunt
  • Area Control (open beta weekend)


All 16 launch characters will be available to play in both beta weekends.

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