How to recover Vigor in Tarisland

Vigor is one of the most essential resources in Tarisland and it can be quite tricky to get. You’ll regularly find yourself stuck and unable to progress if you don’t know how to recover Vigor.

Crafting and collecting are two extremely important gameplay mechanics that are both limited by how much Vigor you have. You need to perform both actions as frequently as you can which means you also need to know how to recover Vigor in Tarisland.

How to get Vigor in Tarisland

Two characters standing together in Tarisland.
Vigor is essential for important activities like crafting. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are three main ways you can recover Vigor in Tarisland:

  • Wait for it to replenish naturally.
  • Use a potion.
  • Go fishing.

Wait for Vigor to be recovered in Tarisland

Vigor is naturally replenished over time, so the easiest way to get Vigor is simply to wait for it to be restored. You generate one point of Vigor every 15 minutes, so accumulating a decent amount takes time, but you are always generating this resource as long as your Vigor isn’t full.

Because Vigor has a cap, you should always try to use it before it reaches its cap so you can continuously generate more. Whenever Vigor does reach its cap, you stop replenishing it naturally which means you want to always keep it below the cap if possible so you can make more.

Use a potion to recover Vigor in Tarisland

The best way to ensure you quickly get lots of Vigor is using a Vigor Potion. Each Vigor Potion can be consumed to instantly restore 50 Vigor.

Vigor Potions can sometimes be obtained by opening chests, tackling some quests, and completing achievements, so you’ll likely accumulate some as you work on general exploring and adventuring. You can adventure around to hunt for Vigor Potions more quickly if you use a mount.

While you can find Vigor Potions through all of these methods, you’re never guaranteed to get them. The only guaranteed way to get Vigor Potions is to purchase one from the Manual of Destiny Shop for 200 Destiny Tokens.

A Vigor Potion marked in the Tarisland shop.
You can only buy two before you have to wait for a shop refresh. Screenshot by Dot Esports. Remix by Dot Esports

Go fishing for Vigor in Tarisland

Some fish you can catch while out exploring the world in Tarisland can be used to replenish Vigor. Not all fish can store Vigor, but the ones that can have a description including how much Vigor they restore. Different types of fish have different special effects, so be sure to read the description of each one you catch to see what benefits they grant.

One fish you can catch and use to regenerate Vigor is the Silver Dartfish. It only replenishes one Vigor, so fishing isn’t a great way to get a ton of this resource. Instead, it can be a useful way to get just a few points when you’re only slightly short of the Vigor you need.

Outside of these three main methods, one additional possible way to obtain Vigor is to redeem codes. There’s a chance Vigor Potions or other such items might be given away as freebies in future code drops, so it’s always worth making sure you claim all working codes.

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