How to unlock the crystal chest in Tarisland

The world of Tarisland holds secrets and treasures for you to find. Every area of the map has multiple chests. Some are in plain sight and waiting to be looted, while others need you to do something specific.

Crystal chests in Tarisland are covered in red crystals, and when you try to open them, the game says: “The chest is trapped inside a crystal. You need to find a way to break the crystal first.” Here’s how to break the crystal and open the crystal chest in Tarisland.

How to open the crystal chest in Tarisland

Elementary Copper Bomb in the Tarisland's Trade Center
A solution to any problem. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To open the chest stuck in crystal, you need an Elementary Copper Bomb that you can buy from the Trade Center. Head to the Functional Item tab of the Trade Center, then to the Bomb category. The price may depend on your server, but it’s usually around 50 Gold Coins. I recommend buying a few of these bombs because there are many crystal chests.

After you buy the bomb, it should arrive in your mail with a notification in the bottom left corner. Fetch the bomb, open the inventory, and assign the bomb to the quick action menu instead of any other consumable.

Click on the bomb, move the target marker over the chest, and press on it. The bomb will explode, freeing the chest, and you can collect all your loot.

How to find crystal chests in Tarisland

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Not so fast. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The chests don’t appear on the map until you pass near them. Explore the areas and keep an eye on your minimap as the marker appears even if you don’t see the chest itself. Keep in mind that some of these chests are in areas you can’t reach without specific equipment, like the Magic Stairs, which you can also buy from the Trade Center.

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