‘I just hate him’: One classic LoL ADC almost has a 50 percent ban rate in Patch 14.8

Very rarely, League of Legends champions are banned for no reason. But this seems to be the case in Patch 14.8, where one classic AD carry has an almost 50 percent win rate, with players claiming they can’t stand him.

At the time of writing, the most-hated champ in League seems to be Draven, who has a gargantuan 46.1 percent ban rate in Emerald+ rankings, according to U.GG. This number rises to 56 percent in Diamond and above. But he’s not specifically in the meta right now, which sparked a discussion on Reddit on April 18. It turns out it’s a personal grudge since players just dislike him.

“I don’t even know if he is actually good at the moment. I just hate him,” the top comment reads. “He’s one of those champs where half the reason you ban him is to just keep him out of the game. Still has a super toxic player base so it’s a bonus if they dodge, but even if they don’t Draven just becomes the main character of a game too easily,” another one added.

Draven throwing his axe.
Draven is banned in almost every second game in League. Image via Riot Games

Most of the other players who participated in the discussion shared the same sentiment. It turns out Draven is just one of those champions people hate to play against, especially as a bot laner. A true permaban, one could say.

The statistics confirm this theory, as Draven is currently only 17th in terms of ADCs, judging by their win rates. He has accumulated 49.66 percent of games won so far in Patch 14.8 in Emerald+ ranks, according to U.GG. The case was even slightly worse in Patch 14.7, where Draven finished in 19th place with a 49.59 percent win rate.

For comparison, the second-most banned champ currently is Skarner, who has a 26.5 percent ban rate spread across three positions: Top, jungle and support. So Draven indeed stands out in that regard.

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