Iconic MTG promo cards spoiled as GenCon exclusives

Wizards of the Coast is tapping into Magic: The Gathering anime art through Lightning Bolt as a Secret Lair promo, exclusive to specific GenCon attendees. 

Summer may have just begun but MTG collectors and players are already thinking about the end of the season when GenCon will take place from Aug. 1 to 4. WotC dropped four new MTG promo card spoilers for the event today, along with a first look at the Secret Lair drop, Burning Revelations. Of all the previews, the full-art anime variant of Lightning Bolt stands out, featuring artwork from manga and graphic novel artist Toru Terada. 

Chandra eating ramen noodles while sparking magic through Lightning Bolt in MTG
Noodles have never looked better. Image via WotC

The Lightning Bolt MTG promo is available to all GenCon attendees who are either playing in an MTG event with an entry fee of $40 or more or have purchased the Secret Lair Burning Revelations drop from the Hasbro Pulse booth. Over 400 MTG events are slated to take place at GenCon, but not all have an entry fee of $40-plus. 

Players competing in the MTG Secret Lair Showdown at GenCon will earn a unique Spell Pierce promo card, illustrated by Michael Koehler. Competitors who make it to the championship rounds will receive a Secret Lair Murktide Regent promo card, illustrated by Rowynn Ellis. And the winner of the Secret Lair Showdown tournament will get a Dark Ritual Secret Lair variant illustrated by Wizard of Barge. 

All cards in MTG GenCon Secret Lair drop
Exclusive cards have a higher chance of being worth money. Screenshot by Dot Esports

WotC will also feature a Secret Lair drop from artist Ricardo Cavolo, called Burning Revelations. The five MTG reprints within the drop are Inspiring Overseer, Consider, Price of Glory, Reckless Fireweaver, and Akroma’s Memorial. The drop is a GenCon exclusive that only has a limited number of print quantities for sale. 

Fans can get a GenCon exclusive MTG promo card by attending the event from Aug. 1 to 4. 

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