Insider alleges Game Pass will receive ‘changes’ after Call of Duty addition

Rumors have been circling recently that the upcoming Call of Duty game will be added to Game Pass on launch day. However, due to how massive this move is, Microsoft is also planning to make some “changes” to the service, according to an insider.

Per Eurogamer, the insider alleged that these unspecified “changes” will occur after Microsoft launches the next Call of Duty (rumored to be a new Black Ops title) on Game Pass day one. They said this in a May 17 thread on Resetera after being asked if Microsoft would introduce new fees or tiers for players who wish to play the new CoD. While they didn’t provide more information on what exactly these changes would imply, it is highly likely that Microsoft will introduce a tiered system of payment similar to how other subscription services.

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Call of Duty is Activision’s biggest franchise. Image via Activision

Microsoft and Activision are yet to officially announce the next Call of Duty game and whether or not it will feature on the Game Pass. Ever since the two companies merged in a $69 billion deal, Microsoft has been increasing its direct involvement in Activision’s inner workings. It has closed several of its subsidiary studios, fired thousands of employees, and sought to restructure how the publisher functions. Now it appears Call of Duty is next in line to be reorganized within the conglomerate structure, though we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what exactly Microsoft has in store for us.

With the next CoD being developed by Treyarch, primarily known for their work with the Black Ops sub-franchise, many are speculating we’ll be seeing a return to the Cold War era of global politics. Treyarch’s last installment, promptly named Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, was met with less-than-stellar reviews.

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