Is Once Human on GeForce Now?

Once Human is a bold take on the survival genre with its mechanics, and many excited players are ready to join the action on their preferred platform. If you don’t have a dedicated gaming device, GeForce now and similar solutions will help, especially if they have Once Human.

Even when games launch with immense availability, it can still take time for them to get to cloud platforms. This is generally because of the agreements and bureaucratic processes that publishers need to go through to get their games on cloud gaming services. But there can be exceptions to this, and Once Human is one of those lucky bunch.

Can you play Once Human on GeForce Now?

Once Human character holding a crossbow.
It’s an early surprise for gamers on the cloud. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Yes, you can play Once Human on GeForce Now, as the game’s available on NVIDIA’s cloud gaming solution. Unlike most games, Once Human released on NVIDIA one day after its official release date.

To start playing Once Human on GeForce Now, open the app and search for the game. As you begin your adventure, it’s worth noting that character deletion options may be limited, so take your time during character creation to ensure you’re satisfied with your choices. 

Despite playing through a cloud service, you can still enjoy Once Human‘s multiplayer features. During the initial launch and content release periods, you might encounter some network errors due to high server load. These issues should resolve themselves as the hype levels stabilize and server capacity adjusts to meet demand.

If you’d also like to get a head start in the game, you can use Once Human codes to unlock various rewards ranging from cosmetics to consumables.

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