Kai Cenat gives final thoughts on Elden Ring after marathon stream

Kai Cenat has named the popular souls-like game Elden Ring his “favorite” shortly after beating it today after a gigantic 167-hour marathon of a stream, to what many claimed was an impossible feat to complete. 

“This game is a cinema. It is very rewarding,” Cenat said in his post-run recap about the game, which took the streamer an entire week and well over a thousand deaths to complete. “I’ve never felt something in my soul like this. I don’t know what game compares to this right now. This is an absolute cinema.” Kai Cenat reflected on the gratifying experience of beating Elden Ring, one of the most challenging games on the planet, and held it in high praise as he struggled to find a gaming experience he could compare it to.

Players looking at the Elden Ring boss while riding a horse.
Elden Ring is infamous for challenging bosses. Image via FromSoftware

He further explained how the game’s boss designs, runes, co-op, and PvE are so well made, making it an extremely well-rounded game. He also enjoyed the community interaction built within the game such as certain NPC deaths and the funny messages which Cenat used to his advantage. He used this feature to great effect, mentioning its importance after beating Elden Beast, the final boss on the stream.

Cenat began his Elden Ring journey on May 11, announcing he would be taking on the popular challenge of completing the game on-stream and without stopping. The challenge seemed quite tricky, but his perseverance paid off when he beat Malenia, and fans started to believe in him to finish the challenge. 

“Now, every game I touch after this will be mentally easier for me,” Kai said while praising the developers of the game. Like any other Souls-like game, Elden Ring is designed to be exceptionally hard with unforgiving bosses, so completing it in a non-stop marathon stream is a remarkable feat.

With this feat under his wing, we’re looking forward to seeing Cenat play again with the release of Shadow of the Erdtree DLC later this year. Perhaps he’s got another 167-hour stream in him on June 21.

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