Latest Helldivers 2 update has fans questioning if new weapon interaction is intentional 

The most recent Helldivers 2 update brought significant changes to the game’s diverse arsenal of weapons, though not without some caveats. The Punisher Plasma now has a new interaction with the Shield generator of the explosive kind, and players are confused if it was added intentionally.

The SG-8P Punisher Plasma weapon can no longer be used correctly if you have the Shield generator equipped. Shooting the plasma with the Shield around you will cause it to ricochet back and explode, dealing significant damage, though not quite enough to kill you. This was previously not the case, and seems to have become an issue since Helldivers 2 Patch 01.000.300. The update introduced numerous changes to the game’s weapons and gameplay, and one tweak may have caused this strange interaction.

Though it hasn’t been formally addressed, the players theorize that the update’s addition of ricocheting bullets which can hit a Helldiver are malfunctioning. The Shield may be recognized as an Automaton armor and ricochet bullets off of it which are always meant to hit the Helldiver. “Trigger discipline is advised,” Arrowhead developers wrote about the Automaton ricochets, but it seems they should’ve warned us not to use Shields as well. The issue appears only to affect the Punisher Plasma, and it is likely to be patched out in the next hotfix. In the meantime, avoid using the two together, or switch to the Punisher Plasma while your Shield is recharging.

The latest update to Helldivers 2 saw numerous buffs and nerfs across the spectrum, from enemies to weapons to gameplay systems. Automatons were primarily targeted and were mostly buffed with extra resistance, more spawns on solo missions, and extra mobility.

The update also brought a fun and beloved low-level mission to the higher difficulties, giving players the opportunity to spread Democracy against tougher opponents.

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