Latest Marvel Snap balance update gives more power to one of the game’s most underrated decks

The latest Marvel Snap over-the-air (OTA) balance update released today, May 23, saw multiple Power changes to cards, highlighted by the buff to one of the game’s most underrated cards.

There are nine cards in total whose Power got tweaked. One of those is the major ability buff to Captain America, who now gives more Power to his allies. This, however, was followed by a nerf to Spectrum, who is one of the most vital parts of the deck where Captain America is mainly used. Still, it’s a win-win situation for both cards.

Here are all the changes included in this week’s OTA balance update in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap patch notes for May 23, 2024

Four cards got buffed in the update. Captain America now gives +2 Power to all cards that are placed in its same location, up from his original +1. His Power was reduced to two from three, however, but the total Power he can now produce alongside his allies may become bigger compared to his original ability bonus. This may pave the way for Ongoing decks to be more consistent in terms of creating Power, while also giving new players a chance to use the deck more in the lower ranks.

Captain America card
America’s greatest Avenger is now stronger. Screenshot via

“As you may have seen in various social media discussions, we’ve been reluctant to buff Captain America,” Second Dinner said. “The reasons for that aren’t necessarily obvious, but they include keeping the early game simple and maintaining existing tutorials. However, this change we eventually arrived at shouldn’t threaten either of those.  While Spectrum is a strong deck on the competitive side, the Spectrum deck performs worse for newer players with smaller collections. This should be a tidy buff to that archetype for early Series play.”

As for Grand Master, Leader, and Leech, all of them got their Powers buffed. In terms of nerfs, the Powers of Spectrum, Luke Cage, and Werewolf By Night all decreased. Sentry is another victim of the Power nerf, as well as its created unit, The Void. Second Dinner cited a desire to “reduce some of the bite” Sentry inflicts if used alongside Annihilus.

The card text for Baron Mordo was also changed in the patch, with Second Dinner hoping the change “maintains the disruptive intent, but makes sure the effect is more strictly negative for your opponent.”

Here are all the changes that came in the May 23 OTA balance update in Marvel Snap:


  • Captain America
  • Grand Master
  • Leader
  • Leech


  • Spectrum
  • Luke Cage
  • Werewolf By Night
  • Sentry (including The Void)


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