LCS hosts surprising giveaway for Faker’s $400 Ahri skins—but with a catch

Over the last month, Riot Games has caught a ton of flak from the League of Legends player base for the release of Faker’s controversially priced commemorative Ahri skin bundle, but now, people are hoping for some luck as the LCS hosts a giveaway with the expensive cosmetic as the prize.

Across the next two weekends, LCS enthusiasts will get a chance to win Faker’s new Ahri skin as a randomized drop by watching the games while signed into the league’s official website, but there’s a small caveat: there are only two copies are there to be won.

Only one Ahri skin will be given away each weekend, making it one of the hardest drops to acquire of any available giveaway we’ve seen. Commissioner Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman explained the giveaway in a hilarious Willy Wonka costume, but it does truly feel like you need to find a Golden Ticket within a random chocolate bar.

These giveaways include the Signature Immortalized Legend collection, which is valued at around $450 and comes with the fully upgraded Ahri skin, along with several other features and goodies to show off your absolute support for the greatest player in League of Legends history and one of the most iconic esports players of all time.

Some community members were indifferent to the giveaway, with some saying that it is a pretty easy way to inflate the league’s viewership numbers. Others stayed steadfast in their stance vs. the skin, saying that players still won’t be able to use the skin in their games since they’ve been banning Ahri in every match they’ve queued since the collection was announced.

Ultimately, this giveaway should bring a good amount of viewers for the league over the next two weekends, so if you want a chance to win one of the most expensive bundles in League history, watch the LCS.

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