Leaks claim old-school CoD Prestige system could be back in Black Ops 6

After grinding out hundreds of levels in Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty enthusiasts might be winding back the clock with a potential return to the old Prestige system for Black Ops 6.

This news was brought to light today by @BobNetworkUK on Twitter/X, who has shared accurate leaks in the past. The idea of the classic feature possibly returning has excited many people in the CoD fan base, who feel this is a long-awaited change that’s been necessary since the franchise introduced the modernized Prestige system with countless levels. For example, in MW3, players can reach up to level 850 as of season four.

If the classic Prestige system from older CoD titles is making a return, then players may have to make some pretty big sacrifices to Prestige. In the past, choosing to enter Prestige mode meant that players would have their account reset to level one, while also having to unlock all of their weapons, killstreaks, perks, and camos all over again.

In the original Modern Warfare 2 from 2009, for example, players would receive a new emblem for their profile, another custom class slot, and other cosmetics, challenges, and achievements that you can only receive once you’ve reached a certain Prestige level.

It was a great way to incentivize players to keep playing and grinding, although it could be very tedious for those with less time on their hands. You did have the option to opt out of Prestige mode, but for any avid CoD players, it was a no-brainer to continue pushing forward and earning more rewards for your efforts.

There’s also a chance, however, that the “classic” Prestige being spoken of is actually referencing a more recent Prestige mode, where players would still drop down to level one and gain a new emblem but wouldn’t lose their progress on weapons and would still keep their camos, killstreaks, and other content they’ve unlocked.

Regardless of whether the developers choose to use the OG Prestige system or the newer “classic” Prestige, Black Ops 6 is already shaping up to be a game-changing addition to the popular franchise.

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