Legendary MTG Bloomburrow Bat sparks Ultrasonic Commander deck ideas

Bat Typal became a reality within the Magic: The Gathering Commander format on July 10 through the Zoraline, Cosmos Caller Bloomburrow spoiler—and MTG fans are excited to start building decks.

The new Standard-legal MTG Bloomburrow set is all about creatures and synergies between creatures. Bat was a creature type that didn’t have much support within the Commander format before BLB spoilers, but that all changed with the reveal of Zoraline, Cosmos Caller. The three-drop Bat Cleric in Orzhov MTG colors leans into gaining life and reanimating creatures from the graveyard. And it doesn’t hurt that the Rare Legendary creature has 3/3 baseline stats with powerful keywords like Flying and Vigilance.

Zoraline casting spells with lightning in MTG Bloomburrow set
Zoraline is the Bat Commander I’ve always hoped for. Image via WotC

Many MTG Commander fans are excited for the release of Zoraline, Cosmos Caller through the Bloomburrow Standard-legal set, with players already coming up with brews for the Legendary Bat Cleric.

Here are some cards players are ready to add to a Zoraline, Cosmos Caller Commander deck, according to a Reddit thread.

  • Malakir Familiar: A three-drop Bat that gains +1/+1 until end of turn when you gain life.
  • Marauding Blight-Priest: A three-drop Vampire Cleric that has an opponent lose one life whenever you gain life.
  • Desecrated Tomb: A three-drop Colorless Artifact that creates a 1/1 Bat token with Flying whenever one or more creature cards leave your graveyard.
  • Bat Colony: A three-drop Enchantment that creates a 1/1 Bat token with Flying upon entering the battlefield for each mana from a Cave that was spent to cast it.
  • Regal Bloodlord: A five-drop Orzhov Vampire Soldier that creates a 1/1 Bat token with Flying at the beginning of each end step if you gained life during that turn.

The Bat creature type in MTG is similar to Goblins and Knights, where most of the creatures are aggressive and have a low mana cost. Zoraline, Cosmos Caller taps into the typal themes through its ability to reanimate creatures with a mana value of three or fewer. Bats also have life gain and drain themes, much like Aristocrat decks, which Zoraline fuels through Bats attacking and the Bat Cleric’s paid ability.

You can test out Zoraline, Cosmos Caller within the Bloomburrow Limited format when Prerelease events start on July 26 and start building a Commander deck around the Legendary when the Standard-legal set globally releases on Aug. 2.

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