LEGO Fortnite hints that long-awaited steering wheel, vehicle update is coming very soon

It’s been a long time coming, but prospective builders and explorers might finally be getting a chance to build some working vehicles in LEGO Fortnite with the v29.10 update.

On March 22, the official LEGO Fortnite Twitter account posted a new image of a wheel for their fans with the caption, “Vroom vroom,” along with a date set near the end of the month. There weren’t other details given, but more information was found by popular dataminer and leak account iFireMonkey that should get even more hype going.

According to the leak, the new vehicle update will hit live servers next week. It includes a whole new set of wheels and the highly anticipated steering wheel addition. This new steering wheel should allow players to drive their movable creations, allowing for better maneuverability without constantly breaking components on the vehicle itself.

The steering wheel was originally unveiled at the end of 2023 when the LEGO Fortnite social account posted a quick video with the steering wheel, causing players to celebrate the addition. Unfortunately, the developers were forced to delete the video and post a small apology, stating that the team was hard at work to create steerable creations but wasn’t ready yet.

This was also posted during the height of the LEGO Fortnite craze, when the game posted ridiculous player counts during its debut month. Since then, however, the hype around the game has died down, especially with the lack of new content since its blazing December debut. This new update could, however, help boost back the excitement around the game, since the steering wheel has been in demand for some time.

LEGO Fortnite‘s v29.10 update should go live on Tuesday, March 26, so gather your friends and prepare to explore the world without any rails or hassles.

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