LoL devs delete Morderkaiser’s biggest counterplay in bid to boost his win rate

League of Legends Patch 14.8, which lands next week, will do away with one of the biggest interactions holding Mordekaiser back from a return to the top tier: Quicksilver Sash will no longer cancel his ultimate, Realm of Death.

Lead League gameplay designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison revealed the change in the Patch 14.8 preview on X (formerly Twitter) today. Mordekaiser is one of 22 champs seeing buffs, nerfs, or adjustments in the Mid-Season Invitational patch, but the change to how QSS works with the Iron Revenant’s ultimate is arguably the biggest of the pile.

Mordekaiser slamming his hammer on a planet in League of Legends.
With QSS gone, how will you stop the Iron Revenant now? Image via Riot Games

Normally, Mordekaiser landing his ultimate on an opponent locked the pair in a one-on-one favoring the Iron Revenant, but with the flick of a button, a trapped target could use Quicksilver Sash to immediately dispel the effect and end Realm of Death prematurely. Phroxzon said this was originally done when Morde’s rework arrived in 2019 to prevent the champ from dominating the pro scene.

But, after just a single pick across the major four regions this Spring Split, according to League pro play site Leaguepedia, and a dwindling pick rate at Emerald and above (via U.GG), Morde’s time has come to shake off the QSS and keep the duel going. “[Mordekaiser] has too much counterplay in especially the higher ranks and experientially, if you’re picking Morde, you want this portion of his kit to be effective,” Phroxzon said.

Importantly, 14.8 will be the patch played at MSI in China, and if this change is as much a gamechanger as fans already believe it is, we’ll be seeing more of the hammer-wielding top laner at the international event. The QSS change next week marks yet another buff or bug fix to the champ and, apart from the removal of his ability to jungle through 12.23, it’s been nothing but improvements for the top laner for almost a year.

AD carries have just seven days left before they need to find an answer to the Iron Revenant’s Realm of Death, with League Patch 14.8 going live on April 17.

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