LoL MSI 2024: 3 key points to remember while watching

The anticipation for the 2024 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational has finally come to an end. Today, in the bustling city of Chengdu, China, the first major international event of the year kicks off, serving as an important gauge for regional leagues ahead of the 2024 World Championship.

Millions of fans will tune in to watch twelve teams from all over the globe battle it out not only for a hefty prize pool, but also to become the first professional League roster to qualify for the most important event of the year: Worlds. That’s right, in case you didn’t remember the team who will win this year’s MSI will also qualify for Worlds, as long as they also qualify for their regional playoffs or seasonal finals.

The hectic yet filled League Spring Playoffs from the participating regions attracted all the attention to themselves, and if you were focused on who amongst your favorite teams would win the regional title you might have missed a few things concerning the 2024 MSI. Don’t fret though, because we got you covered on all the details.

Do not overlook the Play-Ins stage

This year’s MSI Play-Ins are shaping up to be an absolute must-watch thanks to some more than noteworthy names among its participants. Let’s take it one match at a time, starting with the scheduled games for May 1—opening day.

First up, NA representative FlyQuest goes head-to-head with PSG Talon in what promises to be a showdown of epic proportions. Despite coordination issues, FlyQuest’s strong mid-jungle duo, led by Inspired’s dominance in the jungle, make them a team to watch at MSI. With a hunger to prove themselves on the international stage, they’re committed to showcasing NA’s potential and causing upsets against stronger opponents.

Almost mirroring their opponents, PSG Talon’s jungler, JunJia, leads the charge with his mechanical prowess and strategic acumen, backed by a team focused on early-game control and objective dominance. PSG are veterans of the international stage, and they’re again determined to showcase how dangerous the PCS can be and leave a lasting impression at MSI; a feat they already accomplished in 2021.

Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang of PSG Talon gestures while competing at the League of Legends World Championship 2023
PSG Talon’s mid laner Maple at the 2023 World Championship. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

On the same day T1, unqestionable veterans of global tournaments and the reiging world champions, will face off against Estral Esports during the latter’s international debut. Despite DDoS attacks and a series of surprising losses in the LCK Spring Split Playoffs, T1 is still amongst the favorites to bring home the MSI trophy to place next its six other international titles. On the other hand, Estral Esports enters MSI with a strong regional record and the immense challenge to go up against the current World champions. All odds are against the Latin American team, which is precisely who they might surprise with unusual picks and strategies that could pose a challenge even for Faker’s team.

The following day, Fnatic’s aggressive playstyle, spearheaded by Razork’s jungle dominance, takes on GAM Esports, the dominant force from the Vietnamese VCS region. With GAM’s strong core and impressive international record and Fnatic’s will to prove themselves after qualifying out of Europe, this clash is bound to be intense. 

Ivan "Razork" Martin Diaz of Fnatic poses at the League of Legends World Championship 2023
Keep your eyes on Fnatic’s jungler Razork as he puts on a performance pivotal to his teams’ success. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games.

Lastly, Top Esports squares off against the ever-present Brazilliant team LOUD. A star-studded roster and a tradition of dominance paired with aggressive playstyle set TES to make a statement at MSI and showcase their potential to challenge for the title on the international stage.

On the other side of the Rift-and from across the ocean, LOUD’s cohesive playstyle, led by their bot laner’s strong champion pool and paired with a strong map control, make them a team not to be messed with. With a tradition of dominance in the CBLOL, LOUD is eager to showcase Brazil’s strength and make its mark internationally.

‘Enter and abandon hope’: Beware the Iron Revenant

Among the changes in Patch 14.8 to consider while watching MSI, the most unusual concerns the interactions with Mordekaiser’s ult. Starting this patch, his ultimate is no longer cleansable by items like Quicksilver Sash or abilities such as Gangplank’s Remove Scurvy, giving Mordekaiser a newfound potency in team fights and objective control. This alteration significantly impacts the game’s dynamics, potentially elevating Mordekaiser to a priority pick or ban status and reshaping the meta during the tournament.

Old God Mordekaiser from League of Legends
Old God Mordekaiser will most likely take his title very seriously during this season’s MSI. Image via Riot Games.

The adjustment to Mordekaiser’s ultimate aims to balance his effectiveness in high-skilled games while preserving his identity as a formidable champion, as Riot said. With cleanses no longer providing an escape from the Death Realm, Mordekaiser’s presence becomes more imposing, forcing opponents to adapt their strategies accordingly.

Prepare for a high ban-pick percentage on the Iron Revenant; Mordekaiser will emerge as a pivotal figure whose influence could redefine the competitive landscape and spark innovative new approaches throughout the event.

One does not simply watch MSI

With over 70 co-streams, several official broadcasts, and a host of platforms to pick from, you cannot simply watch MSI. Pick whoever fits your style best, whether it is a broadcast with a four-person analyst desk or an opinionated one-man show, there’s something for everyone.

The 2024 MSI is also bringing back Drops, starting with an Esports 2024 Capsule awarded for every witnessed Pentakill, Dragon, and Baron Nashor steal. That’s not all either; you can look forward to receiving rewards for other key tournament moments, ranging from unique emotes to collectible legacy items.

By logging into LoLEsports official website with your Riot ID, you can seize drops as they happen, starting with the “It’s Not That Simple” Graves emote on opening day, which mimics a popular The Lord of the Rings meme.

MSI 2024 emote drops
These seven emotes will be awarded during the 2024 League of Legends MSI to fans watching on LoL Esport official website. Image via Riot Games

As the competition progresses, you can expect to unlock the “NOT AGAIN!” Kai’Sa Legacy emote and capsules containing the most popular champions picked during Play-Ins. The Bracket Stage will introduce the “Not Interested” emote, followed by Corki’s “Bleh!” and Teemo’s Legacy ones.

Finally, the finals will feature the “HahaHILARIOUS” Aatrox emote, while the trophy ceremony will conclude with the “It’s Been Foreverrr” Teemo emote, mimicking the iconic Titanic scene.

Regardless of where, when, and how you watch MSI 2024, starting May 1 at 3am CT, the event is expected to put the best of the best of League’s competitive regions on display in a show you don’t want to miss out on.

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