LoL players are afraid Patch 14.8’s ‘adjustments’ make one champion overpowered

Patch 14.8 for League of Legends is on its way, and the community already got a few first glimpses at the upcoming changes. While they’re mostly exciting, players are afraid one change makes Mordekaiser overpowered.

On April 10, one of the main League developers at Riot Games, Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, revealed the detailed list of changes coming in Patch 14.8. The “adjustments” category includes changes to Mordekaiser, whose Q and his R are being buffed to have lower cooldowns. Additionally, enemies won’t be able to Cleanse his R, while his E is getting a minor nerf. Many fans think this is way too strong a tweak, and the top laner could quickly get out of hand.

“I wanna know what Riot’s criteria for labeling something as an ‘adjustment’ vs a ‘buff/nerf’ is. […] If anything, Mordekaiser should be under the ‘Buffs’ section and Briar should be in the ‘Adjustments” category,” one players wrote on Reddit. But, many reactions on X (formerly Twitter) are far more drastic, to say the least.

Mordekaiser slamming his hammer against planets in space.
Beware of this top laner next patch. He might be too dangerous. Image via Riot Games

“You guys can’t be serious??” a player asked the developer on X, specifically pointing to Mordekaiser’s changes. “Mord is 100% going to need nerfs if you can’t qss his ult,” another added. “New perma ban,” a player wrote, including a screenshot of Mordekaiser’s ultimate.

Some players believe these buffs won’t be substantial enough to bring Mordekaiser back to life, but judging by social media reactions, they are in the minority. In the end, not being able to escape the champion’s ultimate if you’re a squishy AD carry, for example, feels like a one-sided affair.

Mordekaiser is currently classified as an S+ tier champion in the top lane by U.GG, with his win rate sitting at 50.73 percent in Emerald+ rank. If these changes go through, it’s expected to rise substantially. Patch 14.8 hits live servers on April 17.

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