LoL players are finally falling in love with Skarner again after long-awaited rework

Skarner’s rework has been out for three weeks in League of Legends, but players are only now starting to appreciate his new version.

A discussion about the rework was sparked by a Reddit user on April 23, with players claiming how much fun the new Skarner version is to play. They acknowledge how the champion is a bit too strong in the meta following League Patch 14.8 buffs, though, it doesn’t take away the fun they’re having with him.

“So I haven’t played LOL for 5 years. I used to be a Skarner main during that time. […] I decided to download LoL again. And wow, it’s a big improvement and feels so fun to play,” the original poster said. “He’s insanely overtuned right now, but I agree that he is a lot of fun,” another player wrote.

Cosmic Sting Skarner splash art in League of Legends
Initially awful, Skarner is now a perilous pick. Image via Riot Games

Skarner received his rework in League Patch 14.7, which completely overhauled his kit and visuals. The champion is now a much better-suited tank for the current meta, with engage, poke, and crowd control mechanisms in his abilities. At the same time, developer Riot managed to maintain his identity by leaving the core of his ultimate similar.

Initially, the champion was horrible, recording some of the worst win rates in the jungle in recent history. Luckily, it wasn’t ignored by Riot Games, who immediately tweaked him in a Patch 14.7 hotfix, and then in Patch 14.8. A plethora of buffs allowed Skarner to advance in ratings, becoming arguably the strongest jungler in the current meta. “Skarner is really really OP,” one player wrote.

If you’re bored with banning Skarner or seeing him dominate your lane in every game, though, you need to be a bit more patient. Riot already revealed the champion is going to be slammed with the nerf hammer in Patch 14.9, which is meant to go live on May 1.

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