LoL players discover reworked Skarner’s unique way to completely counter Yone

If you’ve ever faced off against Yone in League of Legends, you know how frustrating he can be when he zips in and out of a fight with his Soul Unbound ability.

But with Skarner’s new visual and gameplay update, this scorpion has a few tricks up his sleeves that could steal any swordsman’s soul with ease. The Primordial Sovereign is finally out on League’s PBE testing server, and players are busy trying out different combos and interactions on Summoner’s Rift. In one game, for example, a player discovered that Skarner can completely interrupt the second part of Yone’s Soul Unbound ability with his own E, Ixtal’s Impact.

Yone’s Soul Unbound ability allows him to temporarily leave his corporeal body and run forward in Spirit Form to chase down his enemies. In Spirit Form, Yone can walk through units, can attack and use abilities, and at the end of the ability’s duration, immediately dashes back to his original location and into his true form once more.

Usually, Yone can’t be stopped once he’s started to zip back to his body in the second part of his Soul Unbound ability. But Skarner players now have a powerful tool to stop him right in his tracks. Ixtal’s Impact not only allows the reworked scorpion to run through all terrain, but it also allows him to grab and suppress any enemies he runs into.

In the video, Skarner is seen running forward with Ixtal’s Impact, only to run into Yone as he zips back to his body. Instead of going through Skarner, Ixtal’s Impact grabs Yone from his animation and forces him into the fight once again, taking away the safety of his original body’s location.

This is a great counter against Yone players who usually don’t need to worry about bad engages since they can simply return to their body at the press of a button. If Skarner can position himself in the path of his dash back to his body, however, he can cancel the dash and capture himself a helpless foe all at once.

Whether he’s used as a niche mid lane counter against Yone or a good counter from the jungle, reworked Skarner is quickly proving he could be a massive meta shifter when he drops on April 2.

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