LoL’s famous Blood Moon skin line is back with 3 new additions

League of Legends’ extremely popular and well-liked Blood Moon skin line is returning to the game with three new skins in the near future. 

Riot Games revealed three new Blood Moon League skins today for Zed, Fiddlesticks, and Zyra. All three of the skins bring back that familiar red, purple, and black theming of the skins, as well as the ominous crimson darkness that has been associated with the skin line since it first debuted in 2017. 

Of the three, the Fiddlesticks skin is easily the spookiest as the scarecrow looks even more demonic than he usually does, considering he’s completely adorned with a lifeless husk of feathers, armor, and souls. Ever since Fiddlesticks’ rework in 2020, his skins have been nothing short of horrifying, and his new Blood Moon skin might be the scariest one he’s got to date. 

Blood Moon is one of League’s most well-populated skin lines, with 16 (now 19) total champions having a Blood Moon skin. New additions have been made to the Blood Moon skin line about every other year going back to 2017, and the skin line has one prestige edition skin for Blood Moon Aatrox. There are no prestige skins for Zyra, Zed, and Fiddlesticks in this batch of Blood Moon skins. 

According to the League of Legends Fandom wiki, the Blood Moon skin line is broken down into two halves, with certain champions being identified as Blood Moon “cultists” and others being known as Blood Moon “demons.” It’s unclear at this time which sides of that divide these three skins will fall onto, but we’re predicting that Zed and Zyra will likely be cultists, while Fiddlesticks will almost certainly be a demon. 

The newest Blood Moon skins do not have a release date at this time, although we expect them to go live at some point during the League Patch 14.8 patch cycle later this month. 

These three skins are currently available to test for yourself on the League PBE. 

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