Marvel Rivals just made it easier to get into the closed alpha test due to popular demand

Marvel Rivals’ closed alpha has been very limited in terms of who’s allowed to access the game, but now it sounds like it’s easier than ever to get in.

Due to end on May 20, the closed alpha test was invite-only, but some players have been able to gift access to friends via a special promotion in-game. When reaching level six in the alpha, players can unlock an invite code for a friend.

Marvel Rivals Discord news screenshot announcing friend invitation extension
I hope you have friends. Screenshot by Dot Esports

That promotion was due to end soon, but NetEase Games announced on the Marvel Rivals Discord server that the friend invitation event has been extended. It will now end in two days on May 17 at 7pm CT, offering two extra days for players to give access to a pal.

Technically, you don’t really even have to be friends with someone to get a code. Many players are selling access codes on sites like eBay, but the ethics and legality are murky, and it’s also quite easy to get scammed.

Theoretically, players can hook up their entire group of friends by just having one person gain access. That person needs to hit level six and give a code to a friend, then that friend does the same, and so on. It’s what my friend group has been doing, actually.

The closed alpha test peaked at just under 11,000 players just last night, according to SteamDB, so it could definitely use an influx of players. More players means more feedback, so it’s a win-win for everybody involved.

The closed alpha test ends at 2am CT on May 21, or midnight PT on May 20, so players have less than a week to enjoy the game’s offerings before it goes away for an unknown amount of time. Reaching level 10 in the closed alpha also grants access to an upcoming closed beta, so demand will remain high until then.

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