Marvel Snap May 9 patch notes: Ultron buffed

The latest balance update for Marvel Snap has just been deployed over-the-air (OTA) with no need for a download, and it has some big changes to both meta cards and rarely-used ones.

In total, seven cards were tweaked in this week’s update, which is live now on all platforms. Big changes are abound for cards like Ultron, Klaw, Lady Deathstrike, and Darkhawk, so don’t be surprised to see some funky new decks as a result.

Here’s everything that changed in today’s OTA update in Marvel Snap, which leaked earlier in the week and has now taken hold.

Marvel Snap patch notes for May 9, 2024

Ultron in Marvel Snap
Ultron got quite the buff. Image via Second Dinner

Lady Deathstrike and Darkhawk were the only cards nerfed in this update, both getting knocked down one power to five/six and five/three, respectively, as Second Dinner said their winrates were quite high.

Meanwhile, buffs came about for Psylocke, Sauron, Klaw, and Ultron, the last of which got what’s likely the biggest buff of the bunch. Ultron’s Drones will now be a one/two as opposed to a one/one. The buff is so big, in fact, that the dev said it may have to dial it back.

“A metagame threat in the early days, Ultron’s gotten weaker as decks increased their focus on filling each location and more efficiently concentrating power,” Second Dinner said. “The Drones already have predators in the metagame thanks to Killmonger and Lady Deathstrike, and Ultron himself is quite vulnerable to Cannonball. This is a lot of Power to add to Ultron, so we might need to come back and take some away from Ultron himself, but we decided not to do so preemptively in case it wasn’t necessary. We’d rather see Ultron make a splash once more than continue to flounder.”

Klaw’s buff also seems huge, going from adding six power to the location to their right, to eight power. “Because Klaw has a novel restriction and gameplay reward, we’re adding power to the Ongoing effect to further emphasize those unique elements,” Second Dinner said.

The final change this week was to Leech, who was tweaked from a five/three to a four/two, because the Morlock was simply “too weak to compete with other five-cost cards.”

Read on below for all of this week’s changes or check out the Marvel Snap Discord and website for the full patch notes.


  • Lady Deathstrike
  • Darkhawk


  • Psylocke
  • Sauron
  • Klaw
  • Ultron


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