Marvel Snap patch notes – April 25 OTA update: Red Hulk nerf

Red Hulk has been nerfed already in Marvel Snap, but the card should still be playable after today’s over-the-air update for the card battler game.

The man the Thunderbolts season was named after was just too big for his own good. Along with the necessary nerf to the large red fellow, five other mediocre cards have been buffed in changes that are already live in the game.

Sorry, big guy. You were just too large for your own good. Here’s everything else that’s changing in today’s Marvel Snap OTA update.

Marvel Snap April 25 OTA patch notes

Marvel Snap Thunderbotls artwork
Tough luck. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Red Hulk has been knocked down by two power, from 11 to nine, which means it’s still playable as it hasn’t had its text changed whatsoever.

“Red Hulk has been the best six-cost in the game since release, and even created upticks in a handful of other options that effectively countered one big play, like Leader and Spectrum,” Second Dinner said in the patch notes, first posted on the game’s Discord.

“Elements of the strength and its counters were intentional, given the mechanic revealing Red Hulk to your opponent was a novel bit of mechanical space we rarely explore. We expected that to mean Red Hulk’s cube gain rate would be much lower when compared to similarly winning cards, due to it being very difficult to get the final double, so part of the card’s baseline strength was compensation for that downside.”

Meanwhile, buffs are inbound for U.S. Agent (now debuffing minus-four power instead of minus-three), a reduction to one cost for Mantis, plus a power buff of one for each of Jean Grey, Stature, and Jane Foster.

The full list of buffs and nerfs can be found below and on the Marvel Snap Discord server.

All buffs and nerfs in Marvel Snap OTA patch


  • U.S. Agent
  • Jean Grey
  • Mantis
  • Jane Foster
  • Stature


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