Marvel Snap’s newest card is an evil discount Captain America who negates power

Marvel Snap’s Thunderbolts season continues with another anti-hero, but this one wears the stars and stripes for seemingly all the wrong reasons.

In the Marvel Comics, John Walker became U.S. Agent after Steve Rogers stepped away from the mantle of Captain America. In the MCU, he’s portrayed by Wyatt Russell in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Disney Plus series, along with the upcoming Thunderbolts film.

The entire point of the character is he’s a knock-off that can’t duplicate what it means to use the shield, but in Snap, he’s the mirror of another card altogether, although he could make for an interesting addition.

Here’s what to expect from April 9’s new card, U.S. Agent, in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap new Series 5 card: U.S. Agent

U.S. Agent Marvel Snap card
A sorry knock-off. Image via Second Dinner
  • Card stats: Two cost, three power
  • Card text: Ongoing: Four, five, and six-cost cards here have negative-three power.

U.S. Agent has the same ability as another card, Man-Thing, but with slightly different effects. John Walker affects four, five, and six-cost cards, whereas Man-Thing affects one, two, and three-costs, meaning you will want to bring Luke Cage if you’re using either of them.

Considering the Man-Thing comparison, though, it doesn’t bode well for U.S. Agent as Man-Thing is not a card that’s currently effective in the Marvel Snap metagame. The possible combination of the two of them in a deck like High Evolutionary that focuses on lowering the opponent’s power makes for a spicy idea, though.

Luke Cage’s importance can’t be emphasized enough, however. He’s a direct counter to U.S. Agent while also being a must-have alongside him in any deck if you plan on playing bigger cards at the same location, and Enchantress dominates both of them, so keep that in mind before building a deck around the new card.

The new U.S. Agent card is available this week in the Marvel Snap Token Shop for 6,000 Collector’s Tokens or can be unlocked in Spotlight Caches.

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