Marvel’s Overwatch-like hero shooter finally initiates first alpha test

A true contender to Overwatch‘s control of the hero shooter genre, one that’s supported by a globally recognized IP, has finally gotten into the hands of the general playerbase via a closed alpha test.

The first closed alpha for Marvel Rivals officially went live at 7pm CT today; however, only roughly 30,000 players could acquire initial access, and only in the U.S. and Canada. Players can pick from an assortment of iconic Marvel heroes and villains that fall into either the tank, DPS, or support categories. There are 19 available heroes during the closed alpha, but images of over 20 unannounced heroes have leaked online already.

An image of Storm, Magneto, The Punisher, Star-Lord, Mantis and Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Rivals trailer
Hop in, if you got an invite. Image via NetEase Games

Players who manage to get in will have 10 full days to try out all the different characters and draw their own comparisons to Overwatch. The combat, abilities, and match objectives are very reminiscent of Blizzard’s hero shooter, but Marvel Rivals looks to set itself apart with its third-person gameplay, destructible environments, and team-up moves.

Cosmetics will certainly be a major part of the game, with every character featuring numerous outfits directly inspired by Marvel comics. Several of those outfits can be purchased already from the in-game shop using currency earned by completing challenges, however progress will not carry over into the game’s full release.

Those who did not manage to get in are hoping for either key giveaways or Twitch drops to get in on the action. Currently, the closed alpha is only for PC players as well, though the game is expected to come to consoles as well. A few days into the closed alpha, a $22,000 tournament that will be streamed on Twitch will kick off featuring a myriad of streamers and pro players from other titles.

The Marvel Rivals closed alpha lasts from now until May 21.

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