Max Caufield returns in Life is Strange Double Exposure this October

Fans were treated to the first look at Life is Strange Double Exposure at the Xbox Games Showcase last night. Created by Deck Nine and Square Enix, this new game promises to be a gripping experience for new and returning players. 

It’s set to drop on Oct. 29, 2024, hitting Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC, and Nintendo Switch a few months later.

In this latest installment, we see Max Caufield back in action, diving into a new spooky murder mystery. The trailer gives us a peek at Max’s struggle to save her new close friend Safi, but things twist when she stumbles into a parallel timeline. In one reality, Safi’s alive but in trouble, and Max has to juggle both timelines to save the day.

Life is Strange Double Exposure Announce Trailer

Fans of the original Life is Strange series will be stoked to see Max front and center again, dealing with new challenges and tough choices. The trailer hints at a more grown-up Max, wrestling with her powers and the consequences of her past decisions. 

But what about Max’s old best friend (and potential lover, depending on your choices), the punk-rock, trouble-loving Chloe Price? She’s noticeably absent from the trailer, leading to some wild theories about the first game’s ending. Could the “bay” ending, where players sacrifice Chloe to save Arcadia Bay, be the real deal? 

Life is Strange: Double Exposure outfits, editions and pre-order perks

Square Enix has been on a roll lately and dropped news about outfit packs and DLCs for Life is Strange Double Exposure. From cool new outfits to exclusive content, players will have plenty of ways to make their journey through Max’s world their own.

True to the series’ style, the game will be delivered in episodic installments. Players who pre-order will gain early access to the first two chapters, available two weeks before the official release. The game will come in three editions:

  • Standard Edition – $49.99
  • Deluxe Edition – $59.99
  • Ultimate Edition – $79.99

As for outfits, there sure are a lot of options. The Deluxe Edition comes with the “Spooky” outfit pack and “Decades” outfit pack—which features Chloe’s shirt in the first game and her iconic blue hair. 

The Ultimate Edition includes Exclusive Cat content, all five outfit packs for Max:

  • Spooky Outfit Pack
  • Decades Outfit Pack
  • Final Fantasy VII Outfit Pack
  • Fan Favorite Outfit Pack
  • Paw Prints Cat Outfit Pack

Mark your calendars for July 13, when Square Enix will spill the beans on the behind-the-scenes stuff and exclusive gameplay details during a special reveal live-stream event. Save a spot for Oct. 29, too, where you can jump into Max’s latest adventure yourself..\

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