MinD_ContRoL apologizes to Tundra Esports after sudden Dota 2 break up

Dota 2 veteran Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov retracted his previous comments regarding his departure from Tundra Esports, releasing a new statement on X (formerly Twitter) today.

The two split up suddenly during DreamLeague season 22 on Feb. 22 after MinD_ContRoL presented the team with an ultimatum.

Following the breakup, MinD_ContRoL had an emotional interview on Gorgc’s livestream, where he claimed to have been sidelined by Tundra’s management. But MinD_ContRoL has since apologized to his former teammates and the organization.

Mind_Control doing a Dota 2 interview with SirActionSlacks.
Where will MC’s new home be? Screenshot by Dot Esports

“Hey guys, So after clearing out my head now, I wanna apologize to Pure, Moon, Zai, and Tundra for making it sound like they did something bad to me,” MinD_ContRoL said. 

He acknowledged that emotions fueled his initial comments and did not accurately reflect the situation. 

MinD_ContRoL elaborated on his revised stance, explaining that he overreacted about the captaincy role. He clarifies that it was a collaborative decision within the team and not a power grab by Pure. Regarding the coaching situation, the legendary offlaner credited Moonmeander for having a positive impact during the Birmingham qualifiers. He also apologized for misinterpreting Zai’s role as general manager and admitted he misunderstood Zai’s intentions.

MinD_ContRoL’s apology shed light on the complexities of team dynamics and the challenges of integrating new members into an established squad and also revived some drama from February 2024. While most Dota 2 fans were understanding of the situation, old champions returned to the scene to drop their hot takes.

The most intriguing reaction came from former Dota 2 champion Peterpandam, who simply asked MinD_ContRoL: “How much did they pay you to post this?” As for Tundra, despite making controversial decisions that turned the Dota 2 community upside down, their ability to eventually come out on top of situations received praise.

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