Minor Diablo 4 season 4 change could be answer to dwindling player base

Diablo 4’s latest Campfire Chat introduced several major updates concerning the upcoming fourth season. Perhaps the most important announcement, at least according to many players, was held until the very end. In season four, the player camera will be able to zoom out further than ever.

Like many other ARPGs, Diablo 4 takes an isometric perspective. This helps not only show the landscape around you and the many demons likely running toward your position, but it also helps keep the player affixed at the center of the screen. This camera angle naturally has its own drawbacks as the more crowded your screen gets, the less likely you are to discern what exactly is going on.

In a recent thread on the Diablo 4 subreddit, Reddit user Kubadoobadoo pointed out this new change that was only briefly mentioned by Blizzard. Commenter u/SonofSeth13 responded by saying “as stupid as it sounds, this might actually be the reason I play the game again.”

SonofSeth13 was far from the only Diablo 4 retiree reconsidering picking up the ARPG again. U/Blackbeltblasian wrote “came here to comment this. I always felt so claustrophobic playing.” The point resonated with plenty of Diablo veterans, including u/GlowHawk44, who said “this is a big deal to me, really hate the current camera distance in Diablo 4. Easily one of the biggest negatives of the game for me.”

Commenter Ragnaroksunset claimed that the general consensus in the thread made perfect sense. The user compared Diablo 4’s pre-season four camera distance to Last Epoch, saying “if you go play any other ARPG and then come back to Diablo 4 it’s like having cold water thrown on you.”

Image of the Diablo 4 season 4 patch notes.
This small footnote could end up being a massive change for many players hoping to get back into Diablo 4. Image by Blizzard Entertainment

The wider view distance is a massive quality-of-life change that could certainly draw fans back into the game. Not only does this make the environment around your character far clearer, but it also means enemies with longer-ranged attacks are less likely to snipe you off-screen.

Despite the celebration surrounding this new feature, we can’t help but feel that Blizzard may have accidentally stumbled into this seemingly popular decision. The view distance received the least attention in the patch notes and was only glanced at in the Campfire Chat on March 20. Regardless of intention, Diablo 4 may have found a way to recapture its player base.

Diablo 4 season four has been delayed, however, and won’t start until May.

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