Monopoly GO—What happens to Ice Cream tokens at end of Partner event?

Scopely typically runs Monopoly GO Partner events about once a month. But what happens to your hard-earned tokens when the event is over? Here’s everything you need to know to prevent the waste of important resources.

What happens to my Monopoly GO tokens after the Ice Cream Partners event?

Ice cream partners grand prize Monopoly GO reward
Ice Cream Partners is live. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The most recent Monopoly GO Partner event is slated to end on July 15, at time of writing. Many players will have tokens left over when the event ends. All leftover Ice Cream tokens at the end of a Monopoly GO Partner event are turned into Cash

Once a Monopoly GO Partner event has concluded, all Partner tokens, milestones, and rewards are wiped clean. Everything is gone, so it’s best to use all your tokens before an event ends. But if you’re short on money, cashing them in can work, too. I had a handful of Partner tokens left over from a past Monopoly GO Partner event, which turned into a quick couple hundred thousand. 

Be sure to use any cash to upgrade Landmarks during a Builder’s Bash flash event, turning that money into additional rewards like dice and Stickers.

What is a Monopoly GO Partner event?

A Partner event in Monopoly GO requires you to pair up with four friends to unlock a set of milestones for rewards. Unlocking all the milestones with each of your four partners unlocks a grand prize that typically includes dice, a game piece token or shield, and Stickers. Partner rewards can even include a Wild Sticker, allowing you to unlock any Sticker at any Star level within an album. All Partner events will reward you with at least 5,000 dice, setting you up for future Monopoly GO events.

Is playing a Monopoly GO Partner event worth it?

Monopoly GO Partner events are very much worth playing, but choose your friends (partners) wisely. In the previous Partner event, I was able to reach the maximum reward with all four of my partners, earning the Wild Sticker card, which was immediately applied to unlock another Sticker album set. Be sure to pair up with friends who play regularly and know how to use their multipliers efficiently and effectively.

The Ice Cream Partners event doesn’t have a Wild Sticker reward for those who complete it, though, but the rewards are still good. Other rewards include a new game piece Monopoly GO Token and 5,000 dice rolls. All leftover tokens are turned into cash.

Update July 11 10am CT by Danny Forster: Updated with new information for the current Monopoly GO Ice Cream Partners event.

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